enchanted_mountain_advertisingTIRED OF SPENDING BIG $$$ ON ADVERTISING???


Restaurant Placemat Advertising Is Effective and Inexpensive!


We can provide you with full color or single color placemats. Most restaurants choose a white paper with a single color ink or a colored paper with a single cdolor ink as a full color, (often refered to as'comic book style'), placemat overwhelms their decor, but the choice is entirely up to you!-


Your message is delivered thousands of times, month in and month out, for about 6/10 of a cent per exposure!

Restaurant Placemat advertising provides you a captive audience - Waiting for a meal with nothing to do,the placemat gives them reading material.

No matter how many times a person eats at a restaurant, the placemat will be in front of them. Even if they do not need your product or service NOW, when they do, they will remember seeing your ad on the placemat.

Some people tear the ad off the placemat. Others take the placemat with them and yet others ask a waitress for another placemat to take with them. Your message will get through!!

Want to extend your geographic reach? With over 30 restaurants in 5 counties we can help! Do you have a vertical market? Tourists? Campers? Our restaurants along major tourist routes are for you! With over 21 years in the business, we can establish a focused, reliable, ongoing placemat campaign for you. Contact us today!